28 August, 2009

Robert Swancutt's blimp

Ellen reached in her pocket, grabbing Robert Swancutt’s note inviting her and Blarin to dinner. She noticed the dinner invitation was for that day as well as instructions: “Meet at Central Park.”
Still dressed as Mary Scot, Ellen left Blarin’s apartment and proceeded walking down the stairs to ground level. She crossed the street, entering Central Park.
As she entered the park, the vagueness of Swancutt’s instructions entered her mind – Central Park is more than 800 acres and he didn’t mention a specific place to meet.
Just then, the sky darkened and she looked up to notice she was in the shadow of a blimp. There was Swancutt leaning out with a bull horn, shouting: “I’m lowering a rope ladder, Mary. Climb aboard.”
Once inside the cabin of the air ship, she noticed Blarin was already inside.

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