13 September, 2009

Ellen and Swancutt part ways

After Blarin parachuted from Robert Swancutt’s blimp, Ellen turned to Swancutt.
“So, where do you think he’s going next?” she asked.
“He believes he thinks best in areas of the country that are least affected by sunspot activity,” he replied.

Then Ellen asked Robert about a photo she found on Blarin’s desk.
“You were in a photo from when you and Blarin were at an airport in London. I assume the fellow behind you is your body guard. Who is the guy behind him?” she asked.
“That’s his body guard,” Swancutt replied.

After a brief pause, Swancutt continued.
“I’ll be glad to drop you back off on top of Blarin’s building," he said.

Soon, Ellen, still dressed as Mary Scot of Queens, was back on Blarin’s roof.
As the blimp drifted away, Swancutt yelled one last message to Ellen.
“If you need to send note," he said, "send it by falcon.”

12 September, 2009

Dinner-table conversation continued

As Blarin, Ellen and Robert were finishing their meal, Ellen said, “This is nice wine, Robert.” Blarin picked up the bottle
“Yes, this is from Robert’s own vineyard – “Minyard Vineyard.”
There was a picture on the label of a swan in a barber chair getting a hair cut.

Then Blarin leaned over to Ellen and said: “Thanks, Mary for taking care of the birds.”
Then he handed her a note and said: “I forgot to tell you I changed my password.”
He paused and continued.
“A young lady tracked me down in Kansas City. She’s writing a paper about me. If you meet her, feel free to be helpful.”

He then stood up, looking at his watch. He left the table saying: “Excuse me, it’s already 80 after 6.”
Robert turned to Ellen. “He means it’s 20 after 7 p.m.” he said.
Ellen nodded, clearly understanding Blarin’s math.
He returned wearing a parachute. “I stated in my memoirs that I had sky dived. So here I go," Blarin said before he leaped from the blimp.
Ellen and Robert ran over to the blimp door and looked out.
They saw Blarin plummeting. The shoot opened. On its top, Blarin had painted the words: “This side up.”

08 September, 2009

Blarin talks law suit, cell phones and blimps

Ellen found dinning with Blarin and Robert Swancutt quite. While at the table, she decided to ask Blarin a question or two for her research.
“Blarin,” she asked, “About that libel suit you filed against yourself regarding your autobiography – how is that proceeding?”
Blarin responded: “Thanks for asking. The judge has issued a gag order on the case. I’m not allowed to talk to myself.”
Ellen further inquired: “By the way, there’s a cell phone your desk that has been taken apart. Should I move it?”
Blarin said: “No. I stated in my memoirs that I invited a new call alert type for people’s phones. They can either ring, vibrate or give off a little smell. I’m still working on that little smell.”
Blarin continued: “Swancutt here has been working on a new air sport idea called bumper blimp. Blimps bump into each other and bounce around, right Robert?” he asked looking at Swancutt.
“Right, Blarin,” Robert answered. “At this point I’ve had no takers. In fact, I’ve noticed other airship operators staying as far away on the horizon as possible.”

07 September, 2009

Sir Robert Swancutt's blimp

Still dressed as Mary Scot of Queens, Ellen walked into the main cabin of Robert Swancutt’s air ship. Blarin and Swancutt were talking, holding wine glasses in their hands. Blarin stopped in their conversation, saying: “Hello, Mary.”
Swancutt introduced himself and handed Ellen a glass. Blarin continued his story about going to South America and meeting a witch doctor.
“The tribe was very friendly to me,” he said. “They gave me a plot of ground to stay on the next time I came. It has enough space for a hut with room to spear.”

At that point, Swancutt announced dinner would be served. The three took their places at the table. Swancutt poured more wine. Ellen took a look at the faire. The spread consisted of braised goat with mushrooms and yogurt sauce and a side dish of artichokes and eggs. At first taste, Ellen said to Swancutt, “My compliments to the chef.”
Robert replied: “Thank you Mary, he is quite good. And, I’m proud of my new dish washer. He just finished his years of study at the prestigious school of dishwashing in France. He is now a master dishwasher.”
Blarin added: “Yes, he’s an interesting fellow. He’s an Eskimo. He tried taking his first classes at home via the internet, but the steam from the dishwater melted his igloo.”