08 September, 2009

Blarin talks law suit, cell phones and blimps

Ellen found dinning with Blarin and Robert Swancutt quite. While at the table, she decided to ask Blarin a question or two for her research.
“Blarin,” she asked, “About that libel suit you filed against yourself regarding your autobiography – how is that proceeding?”
Blarin responded: “Thanks for asking. The judge has issued a gag order on the case. I’m not allowed to talk to myself.”
Ellen further inquired: “By the way, there’s a cell phone your desk that has been taken apart. Should I move it?”
Blarin said: “No. I stated in my memoirs that I invited a new call alert type for people’s phones. They can either ring, vibrate or give off a little smell. I’m still working on that little smell.”
Blarin continued: “Swancutt here has been working on a new air sport idea called bumper blimp. Blimps bump into each other and bounce around, right Robert?” he asked looking at Swancutt.
“Right, Blarin,” Robert answered. “At this point I’ve had no takers. In fact, I’ve noticed other airship operators staying as far away on the horizon as possible.”

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