12 September, 2009

Dinner-table conversation continued

As Blarin, Ellen and Robert were finishing their meal, Ellen said, “This is nice wine, Robert.” Blarin picked up the bottle
“Yes, this is from Robert’s own vineyard – “Minyard Vineyard.”
There was a picture on the label of a swan in a barber chair getting a hair cut.

Then Blarin leaned over to Ellen and said: “Thanks, Mary for taking care of the birds.”
Then he handed her a note and said: “I forgot to tell you I changed my password.”
He paused and continued.
“A young lady tracked me down in Kansas City. She’s writing a paper about me. If you meet her, feel free to be helpful.”

He then stood up, looking at his watch. He left the table saying: “Excuse me, it’s already 80 after 6.”
Robert turned to Ellen. “He means it’s 20 after 7 p.m.” he said.
Ellen nodded, clearly understanding Blarin’s math.
He returned wearing a parachute. “I stated in my memoirs that I had sky dived. So here I go," Blarin said before he leaped from the blimp.
Ellen and Robert ran over to the blimp door and looked out.
They saw Blarin plummeting. The shoot opened. On its top, Blarin had painted the words: “This side up.”

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