13 September, 2009

Ellen and Swancutt part ways

After Blarin parachuted from Robert Swancutt’s blimp, Ellen turned to Swancutt.
“So, where do you think he’s going next?” she asked.
“He believes he thinks best in areas of the country that are least affected by sunspot activity,” he replied.

Then Ellen asked Robert about a photo she found on Blarin’s desk.
“You were in a photo from when you and Blarin were at an airport in London. I assume the fellow behind you is your body guard. Who is the guy behind him?” she asked.
“That’s his body guard,” Swancutt replied.

After a brief pause, Swancutt continued.
“I’ll be glad to drop you back off on top of Blarin’s building," he said.

Soon, Ellen, still dressed as Mary Scot of Queens, was back on Blarin’s roof.
As the blimp drifted away, Swancutt yelled one last message to Ellen.
“If you need to send note," he said, "send it by falcon.”

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