27 August, 2009

Feeding Falcon

Ellen approached the birds outside Blarin’s rooftop dwelling. There were three pigeons and a falcon. The birds appeared calm. Ellen guessed it was due to the familiar sight of her Mary Scot of Queens disguise. While feeding them, she noticed each bird had a name tag on its perch. They were named Alpha, Beta and Charlie. The falcon’s name was Falcon.

Each pigeon had a small pouch attached to one leg. Ellen figured they were carrier pigeons. The falcon also had a pouch. She further figured Blarin had managed to train himself a carrier falcon. There was a note in Falcon’s pouch. Ellen spoke to the falcon, “Hi Falcon.” The falcon flew and landed on her shoulder faster than she could duck. She retrieved the note. It was a message from Sir Robert Swancutt inviting Blarin to dinner on Swancutt’s blimp. The note mentioned to invite Mary Scot of Queens as well. Ellen put the message in her pocket.

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