16 August, 2009

Ellen as Mary Scot

Ellen left Blarin’s building with the napkin from Pedro’s Salad Bar in hand. Once on the sidewalk, she happily discovered the salad bar just a block away. In she went. A few voices called out: “Hi Mary” “Hello Mary.” She initially didn’t respond. She needed to remind herself she was in Mary Scot’s disguise.
The patron’s were a truly diverse mix. Beyond the array of salads, she noticed a bar. She walked up, sitting at one of the stools.
She noticed a couple of painting on the wall. One pictured a western scene of a cowboy roping a calf with a beautiful sunset in the background. In the foreground was a cowboy reacting to a snake bite. The other painting depicted a Norseman of royalty posing for a portrait. A brass tag on the frame named him as King Threshold of Doorway.
The bartender asked if she wanted her regular.
“Yes,” she said, not knowing what that might be. He delivered a Bloody Mary with two sticks of celery. Then he pounded down two bags onto the bar.
“Here’s Blarin’s pigeon seed and food for his falcon,” the bartender said.
She began to realize the likely reason the birds on Blarin’s roof stared at her.
Then a tap came on her shoulder. A man handed her a short strand of twine.
“Here’s the string I borrowed from Blarin,” he said. “I didn’t want him to think I was going to run off with it.”
Upon that, she finished her drink, took the string and bird food and headed back to Blarin’s penthouse.

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