13 August, 2009

Becoming Mary Scot of Queens

Ellen noticed a note taped to Blarin’s pencil sharpener. His assistant had left her farewell.

The note read: “I regret to leave my position. I’m getting married and my husband and I will head to the northwest to look for Big Foot. I’m leaving my Mary Scot of Queens outfit by your desk. Thanks for everything, you know, Mary.”

Ellen turned and saw the box Mary’s disguise. She tried it on. The shoes, the dress, the wig and the hat all fit well enough. She grabbed Blarin’s poem – the poem he’d scribbled on a napkin from Pedro’s Salad Bar. Ellen took off dressed as Mary Scot.

She intended to find Blarin’s hang outs. She left the penthouse, descending the stairs from the roof and taking the elevator the rest of the way. On the way down, she encountered several of the building staff. They each greeted her with “Hello, Mary.” As she exited the building, the doorman gave her a tip.

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