30 July, 2009

On the desk of Blarin Horne

After the Tulsa episode, Ellen lost track of Blarin. She decided to head back to square one and find Blarin’s penthouse. In the building at the top of a long flight of stairs she came to a locked door. Behind her, a voice said: “Are you Mr. Horne’s new assistant?” She turned and looked. A janitor. Before she could muster an answer, he handed her a key. On the roof she spotted Blarin’s shed with a couple of pigeons and a falcon perched on top. Inside, Ellen sat at Blarin’s desk. There were sacks of article clippings, notes and a copy of Mr. Horne’s manuscript. She looked up and out the window to see the falcon peering in at her upside down.

She noticed a clipping where Blarin had taken out a classified ad about a cat. It was a black cat. The ad read: “Lost cat. Doesn’t answer to the name ‘Pepper.’” The story has it, she found out, the neighbor bellow stuck his head out the window and yelled up at Blarin. “I think I saw your cat,” he said. “I’m pretty sure it was him. He didn’t come when I called his name.”

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