18 July, 2009

A college newspaper reporter’s account of a Horne sighting

I spotted Blarin Horne in the campus library last fall. Realizing the potential for a story, I approached him. I forgot to start my tape recorder until the brief interview was almost over, but here it is:
“Mr. Horne, you’ve said in a past interview that you never attended Oxford, which no one disputes,” I said. “You said you went there in the early ‘90s on the Concord. What was that trip about?”
“Well, I went to get a copy of the Oxford Dictionary – needed to make a quick reference,” Horne replied.
“You know you could have gotten a copy of that at any book store here in the states, don’t you?” I asked.
Blarin’s response was inaudible.

Weeks later, Horne agreed to a sit-down interview with a new-age magazine writer.
The writer hoped to explore a side of Horne no other reporter had uncovered before.
“They say some people dream in black and white,” the writer told Horne. “Do you dream in black and white or in color?”
Horne seemed ready for the question.
“Not only do I dream in color,” he replied, "but also in Dolby sound.”

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